Introduction Orimax Food Viet nam


Orimax Food Vietnam (belong to Orimax Group) is manufacturer, exporter, importer and distributor of food products and agricultural products. We have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the globe: Europe Union, Middle East, USA, Asia.


"Orimax food is committed to food safety and quality through serious and continuous application of the highest levels of quality and regulatory standards, while providing safe products that macth the requirement of our consumers and enhance the company's competitive advantage"



We provide products at affordable prices with good quality. The products we provide as follows:

- Cassia( Cinnamon)

- Anise star

- Cashew nuts

- Coffee

- Dried Fruits

- Tea

- Fresh Fruits


The most frequently-exported products are cassia , star anise, cashew nuts, tea. Those commodities are fully appreciated and we are pleased and proud to receive good feedback from our customers.



We manufacture our products following strict requirements and specifications with a integrated quality management program that controls all issues in our operations. Raw materials from farmers are collected and transported into our factories where goods are made following ISO and HACCP standard.

We have large factories in  Vietnam with a sustainable source of materials which allows us to do business with all customers. In particular, we supply product with reasonable prices and highest quality. For those products, we are able to supply huge quantity per month each.